Start Right Manifesto

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Start Right Manifesto

Your Plan for the First 100 Days of the New Year

First 100 days of the new year will have little value to you from a productivity standpoint, if you do not deliberately pounce on them with the intent to set a fast pace and send a powerful message.

In a very real sense, this is a use it or lose it proposition.

The importance of how you execute the first 100 days of the new year cannot be overstated…when you have a successful first 100 days, it naturally follows that you are building momentum and setting yourself up for having the best year of your life.

To make this new year the best year of your life. you must judiciously focus on results for the simple reason that in the end…only results matter.

Intentions and resolutions are incapable of putting food on your table…or clothes on your back.

Get Serious – You will not start fast, nor do you stand a chance of making the new year the best year of your life until and unless you decide to make it so.

Why? It’s actually very simple…Decision always precedes action. That’s why you must decide to get serious.

Move Fast – The fact is…any goal or plan expands so as to fill and reinforce the unrealistic amount of time you have made available for its completion.

The Solution? Move Fast.

Start Saying No – Success demands a short yes list and a long no list, yet most people get this reverse and pay dearly for it.

Saying no is the most strategic decision you can make as it improves and accelerates your effectiveness – guaranteeing a fast and focused start to the new year.

Focus on Results – The greatest waste of untapped resources in this world are the resolutions and intentions that don’t translate into purposeful, goal directed behavior.

Your results serve as judge, jury and execution of your performance. Therefore stop focusing on intentions and start focusing on results.

Be Unreasonable – Hitting the ground running and crushing the first 100 days of the new year requires that you become unreasonable in what you expect from yourself and in the unreasonable demands you make upon others.

The only way to create big, bold, breakthrough results is to take the road less traveled…to set goals and plans that are unreasonable…and going for it the big way.

Go Above & Beyond – If you don’t stand out, you won’t get promoted, you won’t get the referral, you won’t get the repeat business, and you won’t get the lifetime loyalty, devotion and reverence you’re after.

Ingredients – Hard Work, Discipline, Commitment, Focus, Consistency, Persistence, Hustle, Accountability, Willpower, Integrity, Passion, Courage.

Rise & Shine – If you’re ever going to find your greatness, and make this year the best year of your life…you must decide that what you want is bigger and far more important than any fear, excuse or self-limiting belief which prevents you from achieving it.

You must decide that you will not be defeated, you will not succumb to difficulty, nor will you ever tolerate an excuse…as your greatest glory is not in falling, but in rising and shining every time you fall.

Be Relentless – Your success in crushing the first 100 days of the new year is forever linked directly to your heart…your will…your steadfast commitment to your goals.

Being relentless is a commitment, an empowering mindset that stands in the face of obstacles, hardships, temptations, financial difficulties, failing physical health, broken relationships, and stiff competition.

Stay Hungry – Every goal poses a simple question: How badly do you want it?

Passion is hardcore devotion to a person, goal or cause; it infuses life with meaning, joy, significance and unbridled enthusiasm.

It’s desire in your heart, it’s fire in your belly…it’s the twinkle in your eye…it’s your magnificent obsession.

Become a Quick Change Artist – While adapting to the relentless pace of change is difficult…not adapting is fatal as history is littered with the corpses of very successful people and companies who were brought to their knees, and put in their grave due to their inability or unwillingness to adapt or adjust to the changing environment in which they found themselves in.



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