Goal Setting That Actually WORKS

7 Habits for a Strong Success Mindset

By now, it should be clear that having a goal is not enough in life.

We often find ourselves setting goals, feeling a surge of excitement and satisfaction, only to realize later on that we haven’t made any progress towards achieving them.

So what goes wrong?

Firstly, the act of setting a goal provides an immediate sense of fulfillment, tricking us into thinking that we have already accomplished something significant.

This false satisfaction prevents us from taking further action at that moment.

Although we know there’s work to be done, we convince ourselves that we can address it later.

Secondly, when we do eventually confront our goals, we discover that they are not just ordinary goals; they are daunting and intimidating beasts that seem beyond our capabilities.

This overwhelming feeling often leads us to procrastinate and put off taking any action, hoping to start tomorrow or some other time in the future.

Unfortunately, this “later” never arrives. However, if we incorporate milestones into our goal-setting process, we can actually achieve our desired outcomes.

Picture yourself trying to cross a wide and fast-flowing stream.

If you attempt to jump across in one daring leap, you’ll likely end up in the water, helplessly carried away by the current.

On the other hand, if you strategically place large boulders across the stream and step from one to the next, you can successfully make your way across.

Milestones function in a similar manner.

By setting multiple milestones along the path from our current position to the ultimate goal, we can experience a sense of accomplishment with each milestone achieved.

Even if the overall goal seems immense and unattainable, we can certainly reach that first milestone, right?

Each milestone is accompanied by a series of actionable steps that need to be taken in order to reach it.

By diligently performing these actions, we gradually progress towards our milestones and ultimately achieve our larger goal.

Congratulations, you’ve accomplished it! However, it’s important to note that this approach is not innovative or groundbreaking.

Unfortunately, most goals go unachieved because individuals fail to break them down into smaller, manageable steps.

Without mapping out specific actions and scheduling them, people find themselves going in circles.

The overwhelming feeling of having a multitude of tasks to tackle without a clear plan can lead to discouragement and eventually giving up.

To avoid this, it is crucial to visualize your goals, milestones, and actions.

Similar to following a map to reach a destination, having a clear visual representation of your path is essential.

Once you have established your goal, identify the milestones you need to reach along the way and outline the necessary actions for each milestone.

Having a specific list of actions allows you to take swift action.

Without a specific list of actions, things become ambiguous, a situation you are likely familiar with.

It may seem comfortable to stay within your comfort zone and avoid stretching yourself, but the truth is that the comfort zone is anything but comfortable.

It keeps you stagnant instead of progressing and perpetuates a constant state of overwhelm.

Instead, strive to feel good about yourself and what you are accomplishing.

Now, let’s discuss motivation. What if you have a goal, milestones, and a list of actions, but you still lack motivation?

This could be due to inner resistance that is hindering your progress. Trying to force your way through with sheer willpower will not work.

Instead, take the time to examine the payoff of achieving your goal and what it will bring to your life.

Ask yourself the following questions to gain insight into your motivation:

If the potential rewards don’t excite you, then it’s time to reconsider your goals. Aim for something bigger and more thrilling.

Your goal should be ambitious and captivating, with a significant payoff that fills you with excitement and joy just by imagining it.

If the payoff truly excites you, ask yourself if you’ve been keeping it at the forefront of your mind.

If not, then you know what you need to do – constantly visualize yourself achieving that goal.

The payoff should be ingrained in your subconscious, igniting a fire within you.

It should be something that consumes your thoughts and pulls you towards it effortlessly, rather than something you have to force yourself to pursue.

Take the vision of the payoff seriously and make it a constant presence in your mind.

No external motivator, regardless of how inspiring, can maintain the vision of the payoff for you.

You must continuously fuel that fire and keep the vision at the center of your thoughts.

The methods to achieve this will vary depending on your specific goal and desired payoff.

For many individuals, simply visualizing the payoff they will receive upon achieving their goal is sufficient.

Take moments of quiet contemplation in the morning and evening, and immerse yourself in the experience of achieving your goal as if it were happening right in front of you.

Repeating affirmations that support the attainment of your goal and the receipt of the payoff can also be helpful.

Additionally, listening to motivational recordings while focusing on your goal and its associated payoff can reinforce your motivation.

Writing down your goals by hand at least once a day is another effective practice.

If you diligently follow these strategies and still find yourself lacking motivation, it may indicate that the payoff is not substantial enough.

In such cases, you should consider setting a bigger goal and start the process anew.

Now, let’s address doubts. If you have an exciting goal with a captivating payoff, doubts will have little impact on your progress.

When your goal is significant enough and the potential rewards are truly thrilling, doubts become inconsequential.

They will not hinder your progress or slow you down. In fact, they will be as insignificant as a bulldozer plowing through cotton candy.