How to Attain Spiritual Growth

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Spiritual Growth

As people get older, they may worry about what the afterlife holds for them. Not everyone grew up in a home with spiritual presence.

Perhaps you did but your beliefs are different from what you were brought up to believe.

If you would like to make self improvement in the area of spiritual growth, there are many possibilities.

Spiritual growth is an element to pursue if you feel that something is missing.

You have to feel comfortable with pursuing it for yourself and not because other people around you make it a concern.

It can be uneasy when you are asked if you are saved or if someone tells you that they haven’t seen you in church for a very long time.

You shouldn’t be self improving in this area unless you have a desire for it rather than feeling it is being pushed on you.

Spending time and energy for self improvement spiritually is what it will take.

Reading, experiencing, and believing are going to help you move into the right direction for you.

It can take a while for spiritual growth to be a part of your daily life but practice it. Then it will be more natural flowing and you won’t have to work so hard at it.

Keep in mind that spiritual growth doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes or that you won’t commit any more sins in your life.

It means that you have a new outlook and you are taking actions with what you believe spiritually your purpose is.

Everyone makes mistakes and there is no such thing as a perfect follower.

There are several good books on the topic of spiritual growth that you may find helpful.

They can assist you with embracing your faith, deciding what you will follow and what course of action you will take to grow spiritually.

This type of growth usually will occur over time rather than something you can immediately grasp.

Religious History

Understanding the underlying religious history can help you to grow spiritually. You may not fully comprehend right now why your religion is going in a given direction.

Understanding the core foundation that it is based upon is very important for you to be able to grow.

As you read the history, make sure you can understand it and that you expand on what you find. Embracing a religion means that you really know what goes on with it.

You can’t be on the outskirts if you want to see that growth occur.

Visitor Churches

Take some time to visit the various churches that are of the religion that you are happy with.

Most churches will welcome you with open arms and you are able to attend a service with them any time you would like.

If you are happy with the services at a given location, schedule a time to talk to the person in charge.

Let them know that you have visited and you would like to join their church.

They will likely wish to announce at the next service to the congregation that you are the newest member.

Don’t be in a rush to find the place where you feel comfortable to explore spiritual growth.

It can take time to explore the various options that you have available. Religion can be confusing due to the diversity and due to the debates about it.

The road you pick should be one that you are content with and that follows along the values you have decided to follow in your life.

Attending church on a regular basis, surrounding by others that believe as you do, is a great way to improve your spiritual side.

It provides you with the support, encouragement, and a familiar place where you can go to experience all of it.

You may find that spending more of your free time with people from your church also helps you to reduce stress that was created by others in your life that aren’t on the same path.

Bible Study

There are plenty of Bible study programs out there. Find one that has people you enjoy being around and that share your same interests.

You may be able to sign up for one of them through a church or other community organization.

This is also a type of event where you may need to visit several Bible study groups to find one that is ideal for you.

Look for one that has people of a similar age and that is a small group. That way there is plenty of discussion that takes place on a personal level.

If the group is too large, it can become nothing more than a social event but one where very little gets accomplished in terms of your spiritual growth.

Look for a Bible study program that follows a curriculum. This allows you to work through particular objectives for a set duration of time.

The downside to this though is that you will have to wait until the next new program starts as it can be very difficult to join one already in progress.

You will be too far behind to get caught up.

Make it a habit to read your Bible daily. Think about what you read is telling you.

Some of the wording in the Bible can be tough, but there are plenty of websites that explore and discuss the various scriptures.

It can be helpful to think about them on your own and then to look online to see what the other interpretations are.

Socialize in the Ministry

Do all you can to make sure the ministry at your church is able to operate well. Take part in adult classes or help with the Sunday school program for the children.

Help with a clothing drive or community awareness that your church is involved in. There are many things that take place within the inner circle of a ministry.

Being part of them will help you to spread goodness and to feel personal satisfaction through your actions.


Being able to spend several days focusing on your spiritual growth may be just what you need to rejuvenate it.

A retreat can be an event where you and many others attend various workshops and breakout sessions so that you can explore your faith.

This is a great place to meet new friends too.

Devotional Plan

It can be helpful to create a devotional plan. It takes 21 days to complete the implementation and to make this part of your spiritual being a habit that you focus on daily.

Make some time alone on your calendar that you can commit to reading the Bible, to prayer, and to thinking about your spiritual beliefs.

If you have a busy schedule, write it into your calendar.

The right place for your spiritual elements to take place is important. Try to find a quiet place for them to take place.

You don’t necessarily have to be in the church or at home. You do want to make sure you feel comfortable in that environment.

You need to embrace spirituality all the time though, not just when you go to church and then ignore it the rest of the week.

You get to decide the structure of your devotional plan. Perhaps you are in the early stages of exploring religion and not sure what you wish to follow.

If you already have the groundwork done, it could be time for you to make a bigger commitment such as becoming baptized.

Do what is right for you and not what you feel others around you expect you to do.

Write in a journal daily about your spiritual experiences. This is a great way for you to think about them and to explore your emotions about them.

This journal can also offer you some encouragement at a point in time when you may be having doubts or need some additional motivation to keep going forward.

Many couples create a devotional plan together and follow it. However, if you and your spouse are in different places spiritually, you need to talk about that.

The differences should be respected and not an issue in the marriage.

Understanding where each of you is spiritually as well as where you would like to be can help make the marriage even stronger.

Prayer at Home

The power of prayer may be something you would like to expand upon. Too often, we tend to only pray when we are in need.

Make it a habit to pray at home daily for to also say thanks for the good things in your life.

This is a great way to remind yourself too of the many blessings that you have all around you.

Prayer around the dinner table before meals is very common, and it may be something you wish to implement.

It can become a family tradition that your own children will take with them.

Praying on a daily basis helps you to get your spiritual imprint in place. Many people set aside a time in the morning or the evening for prayer.

It should fit where it works for you, but make sure it doesn’t get overlooked. As it becomes more routine in your day, it will also become more influential to you.

Prayer needs to come from the heart and it needs to be influential for you to benefit from it.

This can be a great way to reduce stress and to also forgive yourself for choices you have made.

Many people find that spiritual growth and prayer help them with the healing process.