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What 95% Of The People Do Not Know About Personal Growth

Any individuals who are in the business of leading, motivating and inspiring others should give careful consideration to embarking on a self-development program of any kind first to have a critical look at themselves.

This is important to knowing yourself well in order to determine what areas that need further improvement.

Once an area of improvement is identified, then fixing it would be much simpler. I like to call this process the “scientific way” because it is an empirical approach in diagnosing the issues and rectifying it.

There is 3 processes involved in this:
1) Identifying
2) Admitting
3) Addressing

We begin by first identifying our focus and gaps. If we intend to change for the better, it is important we be outright honest with ourselves by asking simple questions first. What are our strengths, weaknesses and aspirations? Write it down onto a piece of paper.

Some might argue certain characteristics (strengths and weaknesses) are passed down from generation to generation, but these can be tweaked, granted if you have the intention to change in the first place.

Strength – is the fundamental aspect of yourself. It is what makes you who you are today! Certain people are attracted to you because you exhibit these types of traits that they want to emulate or know you better.

Weakness – the other brother of strength and everyone has it whether they admit it or not. These are the traits you want to consider improving.

Aspirations – Usually associated with your hopes and ambitions in achieving something.

Back to the individuals’ examples, Individual A is someone who is driven and ambitious and usually they are the people who are involved in corporate and sales line (I guess you can begin to picture some of your surrounding friends). They are dead right focused, goal-oriented and most likely love challenges. On the flip side, they might turn out to be rather unkind and does not seem to appreciate the goodness in other people.

Now take a look at what you had wrote in the paper, I want you to embrace your strengths and begin to genuinely accept and acknowledge your weaknesses.

Because you see, if you can’t even accept that part of yours, it is very hard to move forward to the next stage.

The irony?

Most people write down their “weaknesses” and frown, either they think it is a small matter or they find it difficult to admit.

The truth is, this is what will actually happen:
BlueArrow It is not difficult to admit your weaknesses
BlueArrow By writing down your weaknesses, you not only learn to accept them but you have the conscious effort to do something about it

Before we delve into aspirations, I want you to begin by seeking honest opinions and feedback from the people whom you trust. This is an important exercise because earlier what you just did was “how you see yourself in the mirror”.

The second exercise is about how other people look at you. Ask these questions to your close acquaintances, siblings or even your significant other!

If the feedback you get correlates with what you wrote down, then great! This makes it easier for you to improve on your weaknesses.

If it is different from what you have listed down, then you should compare the qualities that you have wrote down with that of the people around you. Go through them one by one and see which ones are relevant and which ones are not.

Here comes the third step, addressing. Addressing is all about taking actions. 

Most of us find this step as one of the toughest things to do.


Because we have been “living” with our weaknesses for so long it has become a part of us. Maybe we are afraid that by discarding our trait, we lose a unique personality of ourselves?

Therefore, you need to think of your aspirations. Aspirations is what you intend to be but is still in the “work in progress” stage. You want to improve to be a better person and work on your weaknesses. However, your aspirations are meaningless unless you address it and take necessary actions.

Change can only begin by taking action and to be precise, MASSIVE ACTION. If you want something, you have to work for it; nothing comes free in this world. Heard of the saying, “No Pain, No Gain”?

Another mentality that most of us like to adopt is, “I will try my best”. Well, trying is just not good enough, because in the end, if things do not work out well on our end, we will console ourselves by saying “at least I have tried.”

Instead if you do seriously want to address your weaknesses and aspire to be who you set out to be, change your mind set by adopting a mentality that you will do anything it takes to be who you want to be. You need to remind yourself, you are changing for the better,


In fact, treat this as your “mantra” moving forward. I have seen too many people giving up without putting up a good fight in life. They throw down the towel too quickly and not committed to change because they lack the determination and persistence.

Little Known Way To: Self Assurance!

Not everyone is born confident, in fact, confidence is built throughout time. Some children are blessed to have brought up in an environment where discussion is free within the family. Hence, they are able to debate and give their thoughts and views. That will ultimately shape and contribute to the person they are today.

That is not to say that children who are brought up in a strict family environment will end up having lack of confidence. No doubt that this will more or less impede their personal development in the adult stage, however, it is not the end of the world.

Thankfully, I have found some certain quick methods that work like a charm!
BlueArrow Phasing out certain voices
BlueArrow Following your heart
BlueArrow Morale support
BlueArrow “You can do it too!”

The first step to improving your confidence is phasing out that internal voice in your mind that keeps telling you it is not possible; begin to block it out and ask yourself “what is the worst-case scenario?” After experiencing something you feared doing for the first time, you realize that it was not as frightening as you thought it would be.

Have you ever experienced the situation when you lack of the courage or the confidence to approach your crush? That is because you have constantly built an obstacle as high as the mountain it becomes a daunting task. Follow your heart, you have allowed your brain to determine your logical and reality of your life but how can you truly live your life if you have not tried it yet? Are you afraid of embarrassment or people making fun of you?

Thus, my question to you is “so what?”, if you have not tried it, how will you know the outcome? Besides, guess what? No one will actually remember that blooper few years down the road. Better to live life with no regrets than looking back later in life thinking “what if?

Moral support is also the key to beefing up your confidence level, always confide in someone that you can trust and help you feel better about yourself. Opening up about your fears and inner feelings will not only make you feel better but also it will give you another perspective of how other people see you. Besides, listening to someone who tells you can do something WILL give you the extra push into making it happen.

Always consider the fact in your mind that if it can be done by others, you can do it too! For example, I truly respect and admire individuals such as Lizzie Velasquez &Nick Vujicic because they are the people born with unfortunate circumstances and yet they do not allow their shortcoming to get a hold of them, instead they carry themselves confidently.

Now that I have disclosed the quick methods to you, the next step is simple, it only requires you to make the FIRST move, and the rest will just follow. Quoting Lao Tzu, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

How quickly you can see a change within yourself is really dependent on your determination and persistence. It is all depended on how badly you want to change as well as adopting the “no matter what” mentality.

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How Positivity Enables You To Achieve More in Life

You may notice that some people who have already possessed almost everything they desire in their lives are still not happy. Why? This may be due to the fact that everything they have ever worked for is only to obtain the approval and recognition of others. When they face disapproval and disagreement from others, they are easily affected by it. They seek for external validation.

Be it with your family members and workplace, we are bound to have interactions almost every day in our lives. Whether we like it or not with interactions, comes with expectations and approvals.

For instance, if we are trying so hard to get our bosses approval or recognition for our job performance. When we do not get the approval, this is when we will feel disappointed where it may affect our self-esteem. One way of resolving this matter is by confronting your boss and understand where he/she deems you short… (Still short of the confidence booster? Please refer back above before attempting this)

There are several outcomes after the discussion:
A. You truly believe your boss has pointed out your weaknesses and you deem it is time to change
B. You do not believe what he said is true, but because you respect your boss, it pains you that you are not able to get his recognition or “approval”
C. You do not believe what he/she said is true, but you are “playing along” with it
D. You do not care what your boss says, and frankly, since he/she has so many issues with you, it is just about the time for you to begin looking for the next job

If you pick option A, congratulations! That means you are open to criticism and thus, able to make the change. (Remember, Admittance?)

Unfortunately, most people fall either into option B or D. Not many people believe they have flaws themselves and it is even more difficult to accept it if it had been told by the higher-ups (e.g. parents, bosses, authority figures).

Honestly, picking Option B is not a healthy solution because you are just acting how your boss wants you to behave. Let’s face it, that is not your true personal character and the reason you are doing it? What else, if it is not for your monthly salary? Figuratively speaking, this solution is like using a band-aid on a bullet hole.

Painting the picture clearly here, what will happen in the next several months, since you are tolerating your boss and genuinely do not accept what he says to be exactly the truth is you will start to enter into a negative phase.

Because the chemistry was wrong to begin with, you will end up being miserable and unhappy every single day! Waking up daily is like a torture, there is nothing to look forward to in life, I guess now you are considering Option D? After all, there is this saying, “If I do not work for you, I am pretty sure there are plenty of job opportunities out there for my selection!”

Guess what? What if the next job opportunity you end up with even a worse boss? (You can argue that you might get a more “understanding” boss, but realistically speaking, you are just escaping the issue at hand).

This is where the positive mindset adoption is crucial, and there are two ways that we can achieve this:
BlueArrow Treating all of these as “noises” or “phases” in your life
BlueArrow Do not allow yourself to fall into despair (Digging the hole deeper than it already is)

Have you reached a stage where you just find your life mundane and unproductive? Where every day is just grinding the mill? There is nothing exciting to look forward to?

If that’s the case, may I suggest you start evaluating your life by giving it a sense of purpose. Most people when they have hit the middle age of 40, have lost their sense of purpose and their drive to pursue their dreams.

This can be due to the fact that they are busy chasing their careers and have lost their identity as well as aspirations in becoming who they truly are.

They no longer dare to take excessive risks, fear of losing their jobs, and prioritising security in life. Hence, after working 10 – 20 years all in the name of family, they began to lose their initial ambition when they were young.

Without purpose, what happened is they start to mind all the smallest unpleasant details in their daily lives, workplace or family interaction. Small little annoyance can be amplified to a huge magnitude such as receiving a minor criticism from your colleagues, getting an argument with other motor vehicles and other irrelevant matters.

So, begin by identifying your raison d’être1, because by having that firmly planted in your mind, you will begin “phasing” out these issues or treating as “noises”, because after all, these are all small issues that do not matter if you possess an ultimate goal in mind.

Allow me to elaborate further, let’s take a simple example, if your goal is to be the top chef in the cooking industry, you will not let any other people tell you otherwise; that they tell you have no talent or you are unqualified, even your parents frown upon your dreams just because they want you to be who they want you to be.

Explaining to them is fruitless, especially if they are so fixated for you to become a lawyer/doctor/engineer for instance. If they can understand, great! Unfortunately, I reckon not all parents understand.

It is not about influencing others first. This is more about enduring and making some small sacrifices so you can achieve your final goal. Sometimes, giving in or losing a battle here and there, allows you to win the war and that is what matters the most!

What about my feelings?

What about the things that I stand for?

Don’t I have a say in what I want?

What I learn in life and what I am about to tell you is this. If you are capable and have the power to do so, just DO it! If not, there is no point of you “complaining” about these issues because at the end of the day it gets you nowhere. So, should you be admitting defeat and accept the outcome? No! Begin by strategizing and planning on how to achieve your goals against the odds. That my readers, is a much better way to channel your energy rather than complaining!

The next point, will you allow yourself to fall into despair when the whole world goes against you? You just want to do your “job” and to be left alone, but it just still feels like everything you do has gone wrong, that somehow you are blaming god for all the misfortunes that has happened to you… You even question, “Why me?”

If you allow your unconsciousness to dictate your life, inadvertently you are feeding into the negative aspects. There are constantly two sides fighting inside you. The positive and the negative, ultimately one will prevail. So, which will win? – The one you choose to feed…

So, every time you feel despair, make it a conscious effort you refuse to fall into the dark side. That you are much better than this! Some people even consider chanting a mantra to remind themselves that.

How To Be A Rockstar And Attract People Effortlessly

You could literally be a Rockstar (or something close to that) and influence others to act the way you want via powerful communication techniques.

How do rock stars amass a huge loyal crowd that follows them?

Is it due to their…
BlueArrow Energy? Vigour? Vibes?
BlueArrow Personality? Character? Portrayal?
BlueArrow Fame? Prominence?
BlueArrow Message? Communication?

First, you will have more energy within you. By now, you have adopted the “no matter what” and “can do” attitude. This is the type of energy people around you will take notice.

In fact, initially they might even be uncomfortable seeing the changes in you, but that is a good thing!

Would you rather be with a friend who keeps telling you “it is impossible” or “it can’t be done”? These types of friends emit a HUGE negative energy or vibe. Look at a Rock star, do they have that?

When you carry yourself with assurance, just like a rockstar, people will begin to listen to what you have to say (which they did not last time). It is more so, when you make a stand for something you truly believe in and what you say resonates with what they think.

Always remember that you can be your own rockstar, in fact all of these will unconsciously be released out by you! Trust me, when you have truly attained the desired confidence level and established the positive mind-set, there is so much more that you can achieve in life!

Manifestation At It’s Core

Manifestation is simple to understand and yet it is easy to incorporate together with what you just read above! By understanding and practicing manifestation, you will be able to explicitly double the abundance’s life!

Let’s take it further to the next level by understanding the general concept of manifestation.
BlueArrow Start appreciating your life
BlueArrow Free yourself from desires
BlueArrow Turning your desires into goals

This is a very important concept which can take some time to absorb, but first off, you need to admire your life. You need to believe in the concept that everything which you have in your life now is because of your own CHOICE.

Stop blaming third parties for your loss and failures and begin to accept the fact you are responsible and accountable for your own life.

Most people do not appreciate the small little things they have in life because they take it for granted. For example, respect and love your dear parents because there are those out there who have lost their parents. Although you might be struggling in life, be fortunate you are still able to pay your rent and put food on the table.

When you desire something, you inadvertently declare that you do not have something. These two are much closely related than you think they are. It is fine having desires. After all, it is what gives you “purpose” and drives you to work towards the goal. All you need to do is to always desire something within your grasp and according to your means.

And … translate that desire into goals! To put it into context, manifesting you are in line for promotion is much easier than becoming the next Warren Buffett. With the promotion goal in mind, you’ll get to know the next thing to get towards the promotion you desired. The more you think about it, the nearer you will be in completing the tasks at hand. Soon, it will become second nature to you.

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2 Simple Ways To Practice Manifestation

If you are a devout practitioner of manifestation, then you will know how useful and beneficial manifestation is. Here are 2 simple ways to practise manifestation;
BlueArrow Setting up the goal
BlueArrow Visualization and attaching positive emotions with your goals

Begin the first step by setting up a goal (in some circumstance, “purpose”) in life. This is rather obvious and easy to understand, but if you intend to embark on practicing manifestation, then your goals need to be more specific and personal in nature. Examples are, losing weight, quit smoking or even going back to school.

All this might seem menial or even hilarious in the beginning, but once you get hold of things, there is this power in the universe which will make your subconscious mind to act on the instructions to manifest them.

Now that you have the goal in mind, just sitting at home and thinking about it will not bring you any closer to the goal that you want. Instead, you need to make a definite and exact plan which you can follow.

Most people think manifestation is some kind of magic and everything will come true just by the degree of “how hard I wish”, but the reality is, thinking is just one part of manifestation and there is more to work with.

Some goals are realistic and achievable, some are not. The beauty of manifestation is once you begin thinking about that goal, your subconscious mind will guide you through the specific and exact way.

Begin this exercise by writing the easier things you want and the steps which are needed to be completed. Then, move on to the bigger goals.

Besides that, you need to create a platform where the process contributing to the goal can be monitored. This will enable you to monitor and address any issues that need attention or redesigning. Never forget the enthusiast you who chose such a goal in the first place.

Simply because once you lose the initial excitement and momentum, it will further jeopardize your achievement. Therefore, it is very important to set smaller and less demanding goals that will help to create the confidence level to encourage you to aim for bigger goals at the next juncture.

For this to truly achieve, you must discipline yourself to achieve it. Revisit this exercise as often as you can because at times you might even find better ways to improve on the steps than you had initially thought. Once you are accustomed to it, ironically, you will take this as a fun exercise and begin to enjoy the process.

What you need to do now is to write down your goals. At the same time, jot down all the possible methods to achieve it. It doesn’t need to be accurate just yet. The purpose is to keep pushing you towards the reality of achieving that goal.

For example, you are projecting yourself having a wonderful significant other, owning a beautiful home, travel anywhere you want and getting excited about it! By using imagery as a motivating tool, you will be able to “see and feel” the outcome. This helps keep the excitement and momentum going to help you move forward.

It might be tough at first, and there is no guarantee that the manifestation will directly change your reality (at least, initially), but one thing is for sure that it will affect your life by influencing your subconscious.

Hence, this will lead to a better mindset, more focused and happier YOU!

Did You Know You Can Also Use Your Sleep Time For Manifesting?

Being able to tap into all available avenues to optimize results is something everyone wants to do. One way is by tapping into your sleep time to harness positive elements it may manifest. But first, you must understand the basics behind the sleep time manifesting idea.

During sleeping time, it is your subconscious mind that will provide the necessary assistance to the organs of your body to continue functioning properly.

At the same time, your mind is able to assist you to seek answers and directions though communication with your higher inner self. Do note however this cannot be achieved in the day time when you are so busy juggling and prioritizing many tasks at hand.

Naturally, we can focus our goals and priorities when we are at a serene or peaceful situation. It is better done during these time rather than stressing about it in the waking hours.

Allowing the body to relax and letting the mind search for the inner peace will eventually create the answers to questions most pressing!

Connect To The Surrounding Universe!

After attaining the confidence, positive self-development and manifesting your desires to the next level, subsequently, surround yourself with successful and positive thinking individuals!

It’s astounding how the influence of others may impact and affect our own personal power. Positive people will stimulate and urge us to grow subconsciously and accomplish what we set out to achieve.

As for the nay-sayers, you will fare better by distancing yourself apart from them. If they are your best friends or team mates, well, find new best friends and team mates.

An optimist is a firm believer that good things will always happen no matter how hard the challenges they may face. They view obstacles as challenges instead of problems and they find the solutions to those challenges. By being with them, they empower you to stay on track and move you toward your goals. You will be surprised these successful people do share the same goals you have and are oftentimes generous about their wisdom and experiences.

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Untold Secrets of Manifestation Mastery Revealed

Whenever we are faced with planning our goals and dreams, at times we wonder if it is achievable. There are days when we feel like giving up on them entirely because we are unsatisfied with the process of achieving it; it is tiring, it takes too much time and it doesn’t show result.

What we fail to understand is the simplicity of manifestation. All it requires is consistency. Consistency comes with focus and to focus, one must always practise and dedicate their time to ensure nothing obstruct the manifestation process.

Mastery #1: Define Your Goals

In the process of wanting to define your goals and ambitions, a great many things must come into place. It is not just about defining what you want, but also you do not want. These two have a huge gap and difference between them, but often we see people tend to go with things that they do not need at that time.

Why is this happening? Well, while you are busy spending all your time and energy defining things that you do not need, incidentally, you are shifting most of your attention to it more and more. Thus, the things that you do not want ended up manifesting.

This is simply because manifestation works best when there are attention and energy poured into it. To ensure that it works the way you want it, go ahead and set a time and date for a contemplation moment. Once you are settled in place, here are some notes to take note of when you want to define your goals;

1. Ask yourself; what are your goals? You may write it down a piece of paper or even journal if you want to. Keep writing as many goals as you want. The focus will be to identify which takes precedence over the other.

2. Thus, the next step is to be specific with your goals. Clarity is important to ensure that your goal is definitive enough for you to achieve. This is often the most challenging part of your manifestation process because it takes time.

3. Start giving it character. What it means is to describe the attributes of your dreams. Not all dreams are the same. You may have multiple dreams you want to achieve but what the dream truly means to you will always differ.

4. Take your time. At times, you may find yourself lost in your thoughts because you think you know exactly what you want, but as time goes by it lacks impact. You are no longer sure what is it that you truly desire.

Once you have that all in place, surrender the process to the universe. But keep in mind, you are not leaving all of this to chance. There are multiple options for the dream to materialize but chance is not one of them. In time, you will learn to manifest it using the power of belief.

If you are simply putting down goals without believing that it can work, you are being dishonest with what you want. You are supposed to fuel it and guide it through the process of materialization.

Mastery #2: Believe

A positive attitude welcomes all kind of opportunities. No matter how bad the situation may be, they believe that their mindset will clear it with ease. They know that it is possible for the things that they desire will materialize no matter the circumstances; as long as they believe in it.

Believing is more than just a state of mind, it is also a form of acceptance to miracles. Simply because the stronger you believe in your desire, the less resistance you will make to things around you. You know that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and if it allows you to move towards your dream, you greet it with open arms.

No matter what you do, you will embrace changes from every angle. You know that;

1. Change is inevitable. The faster you realized this, the easier it is for you to prepare for any upcoming alteration in your life.

2. Not everything will go according to plan. When that happens, you will learn to adapt. It may not be the easiest way, but being adaptive and flexible in your views are necessary to tackle those changes.

3. There is a certain experience that is worthwhile to gain. With it comes with an event that may affects you negatively. During this trying moments, you will be tested on how would you want to face it. Should you choose to embrace it, you will see how much it will transform your life for the better.

Always expect your dreams to manifest. Be aware that it is currently in process and that only you can allow it to materialize. Practise visualization of your desire. Feel and experience your goals in the eyes of your mind and feel the emotions surging through you. This will allow you to take all the necessary action to materialize it.

You may need to go someplace that will direct you to your goals, or apply for a new job to gain the experience you need. If there’s a strong urge that pulls you to do something else than what you are doing now, heed it and take action. Do not ignore it.

Sometimes, you are unaware of the different opportunities the Universe is providing for you because you are at a constant wait for something to happen. Things is, nothing will happen without you taking that first step. You still need to take the necessary action if you want it to materialize.

Mastery #3: All The Good Vibes

What I’m about to share with you are something that we often take all of this for granted and wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. Hence, we are constantly chasing for something that is irrelevant to what we are trying to truly achieve. By understanding the concept of

1. Gratitude

BlueArrow Make a list of things you appreciate the most. Anything you can think of in your life. For example, acknowledge all the things you have now (not in the past), be it your job, family, relationship, children or your home.

BlueArrow Constantly be thankful and blessed there are people out there who did not have what you have. For what we take for granted, some must fight and beg for it. The gratitude will enable you to move forward in your life with joy and affection – in turn this will affect your surrounding people.

BlueArrow At times, there are depressing moments and hardships that you have gone through, like the loss of loved ones; be fortunate that you are still surrounded by people who care for your well being.

2. Giving

BlueArrow Always give when able. There is the saying that “give and you shall receive”. By giving, you are inviting the goodness into your life. In time, people will notice the compassion in you and reciprocate by becoming more affectionate to you.

BlueArrow Giving can be in so many forms; it is not just limited by money. It can also be a simple act of kindness. Give kind advises. Give a smile. Give appreciation and love. Give compliments. You can even give courtesy to other motorists while you are driving. Begin TODAY by performing a small act of kindness.

3. Love

BlueArrow Love is the highest power to achieve and it sync with the law of attraction. The more love we feel, the greater our happiness will be. The more love that we are able to give, the more peaceful we will be.

BlueArrow The law of attraction is also known as the law of love, because the law itself is a gift of love to humanity. It is the law by which we can create incredible lives for ourselves.

BlueArrow The more love we feel, the greater our power to create a magnificent life of love, joy, and harmony!

Remember to always be grateful for what you have at this time. Don’t ever neglect all the positive things you have done for the day. Initially, you would think that it is small and mundane, but once you list it all out, you will begin to appreciate the things you managed to achieve.

It can be as small as, waking up early, finish a work before the deadline, managed to wash the cloth before going out, finally started to read the book that you want and any other things you’ve done for the day.

By inculcating all the good vibes there is you will find that every step that you take is worth every goal you want to achieve.

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