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If you’re reading this, you’re most likely interested in growth hacking and accelerating your overall win rate.

So it’s only natural to wonder if there’s some secret sauce …some tightly held strategies that highly successful people know about that you don’t.

Well, guess what?

Once you know and act upon the “secret sauce” that we’ll be sharing with you…you’ll not only achieve your goals faster, you’ll do everything faster to include solving problems, attracting people, money and opportunity, building trust…as well as supercharging your credibility and reputation.

This article is to convince you with the belief that you have the potential to dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to achieve your goals and drive exponential results.

What you’re about to learn will change the way you do business…transform your life…and give you everything you could possibly want…faster thanĀ  you could possibly imagine.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, a manager, a professional, a sales person, or an entrepreneur.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, teacher, student, athlete, or coach.

In no way, shape or form does it matter where you live, how old you are or what you do for a living….

As you work your way through here…you’re going to discover the holy grail of execution strategies…the most important thing that every business owner, every manager, every professional, every entrepreneur…in fact what every person should study, learn and master.

Conversion speed is a force multiplier strategy which many of us know about, yet few fully grasp and apply.

If you’re willing to suspend disbelief and think radically different…We’ll show you what you must do to create a performance explosion and unleash your greatness.

You may be working hard, putting in the hours and paying your dues, but when was the last time you seriously considered whether you’re really working smart?

To fully comprehend the awesome power of conversion speed…you need to understand the definition of conversion, as well as it’s adversary…perpetuation.

Think of the word convert as meaning…to change or transform from one use, function, or purpose to another.Whether it’s a person who adopts a new belief, or a changing action, such as when you convert prospects into paying customers…

Many times we can catch a word’s meaning by looking at its origins.

In this case, the Latin con means “around” while vertere means “turn”.

So we can deternmine that convert or conversion means to “turnaround” an object or one’s thoughts on an idea.

For example, if you’re a Doctor…your goal is to convert sickness into health in the same way that a Coach wants to convert a losing season into a winning one.

It’s worth pointing out that your profitability, job security and client loyalty has everything to do with the speed by which you convert and finesse these outcomes.

Unleash Your Greatness - 100 Day Challenge

Perpetuation on the other hand is defined as the act of prolonging or causing something to exist indefinitely such as myths, fears, habits, rumors, or even oppression of some type.

The Latin root for perpetuate is…perpetuus, which means “continuous”.

Whether you realize it or not…your entire life is an ongoing push and pull, cat and mouse relationship between conversion and perpetuation.

Understanding the critical distinction between the two will help you to see why some people succeed on a grand scale, while others barely make a dent in their goals.

The funny thing about conversion speed is that by nature…you’re already wired for it.

It’s true…you were born with a healthy appetite for instant gratification…what you want, you want it now.

Yet, when it counts the most…when it comes to converting intentions into results, turning dreams into reality and goals into accomplishments…most people reject the importance of conversion speed and instead play the perpetuation card to their own detriment.

They drag their feet…procrastinate, make excuses and engage in all sorts of diversionary behaviors which only succeed in perpetuating their current situation.

It’s for this reason that most people live an entire lifetime with little to show on the highlight reel.

Look at it this way:

There really are two different types of people in this world. Consider which would you rather be?

Person A is the person who has a bias towards action and knows how to quickly convert…

  • Problems into Solutions
  • Debt into Wealth
  • Fat into Muscle
  • Fear into Hope
  • Vice into Virtue
  • Pain into Pleasure
  • Intentions into Results
  • Setbacks into Comebacks

Person B on the other hand is the person who spends their lifetime perpetuating problems.

They have turned the perpetuation of debt, being out of shape, remaining fearful, repeating vices, living with constant paoin, and experiencing one failure or poor performance after another into a true art form.

Who would you rather be: Person A or Person B?

Unfortunately far too many people are Person B.

They often know the right thing to do to change their lives for the better, but don’t do it.

By default, they perpetuate the wrong behaviors by repeating one unforced error after another.

As a result they’ll find themselves in the same place 100 days from now as they are in today.

In fact, most people, because they choose the vice of perpetuation over the virtue of conversion will be in nearly the same place in 1, 3, and even 5 years.

Make no mistake about it…your chances of living the life of your dreams lies upon your willingness and ability to become a Person A…the one who is an expert at converting your goals into results…and doing it quickly, honorably and consistently.

Conversion speed is a force and results multiplier…it’s the key metric to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your strategy, systems and efforts.

In the same way that a power saw cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter, or how a nail gun can secure an entire wall in seconds compared to the hours it takes witha hammer and nail approach…you can use conversion speed to multiply your effectiveness and transform your results in less time and with less effort.

That is the true definition of a growth hacker.

You might be saying right about now…who cares? Leopards don’t change their spots, and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

Why should I bother putting myself through the pain and discomfort of learning new skills and becoming a conversion expert?

The answer is as simple as it is profound…

Time is running out!!!

You have no choice but to accept the reality that you’re playing a high stakes game of one and done.

You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. There are no do-overs…you will not receive a second bite of this apple…either live deliberately and use this life well or lose it forever.

You need to be in a hurry to face your fears, develop courage, share your bravest work, commit to excellence, get in shape, get out of debt, shed high-maintenance relationships, eliminate excuses, become financially free…and dare mighty things.

That’s why it is in your best interest to start developing your conversion chops…and stop perpetuating the sins of procrastination, indecision and complacency.

Make no mistake about it…Time is running out!

You’re capable of doing so much more…of living a much larger life, and of making a significant and lasting impact on the world.

However like most goals, dreams and ideas which never see the light of the day…your destiny will not be fulfilled without upgrading your execution skills and placing an intense focus on conversion speed.

Long ago, we came to the understanding that any goal, task, intention or idea takes as much time as you allow it to take…and if you work smart by implementing the correct force multiplier strategies…it won’t take much time for you to convert your big goals and crazy dreams into reality. It realyy is that simple!

Just to be clear…conversion speed, fast tracking your goals is not a matter of being impatient and running around with your hair on fire…rather, it is a matter of using superior force multiplier and execution strategies to be more efficient and highly effective.

Ultimately, it’s a choice between two options…

You can spend the remainder of your life perpetuating the same behaviors and getting the same pint-sized results…or you can learn to upgrade your execution skills, master the science of conversion and achieve big goals quickly.

How do you do it? How do you accelerate your conversion rate and experience exponential growth?

How do you become a legitimate growth hacker and enjoy a bountiful harvest while most people settle for a few measly crumbs?

Unleash Your Greatness - 100 Day Challenge

Say hello to the 100 Day Challenge…the Ultimate High Performance System.

We created the 100 Day Challenge to provide you with the growth hacking tools, knowledge, beliefs and conversion skills you need to quickly transform every aspect of your life and career for the better..and much better!

That’s waht you really want isn’t it?

Look…there is no point in pretending that learning how to dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to turn any goal, idea, project or problem into a successful outcome is anything less than the savviest move you can make right now.

And while there are plenty of excuses, there’s no good reason for you to procrastinate, to perpetuate your current situation and say that you are not ready to take on this type of high performance challenge or that timing is not right.

Are you ready to transform your life?

You and I both know that it’s possible to learn how to: speed read, speed date, speed skate, speed network and even play speed chess.

Why then it is such a big deal to think that you can’t master the skill of rapid goal achievement and transform your life in 100 days?

With a certainty and confidence oa a man holding four aces, here’s my promise to you:

100 days from now, you’re going to thank yourself for a commitment you made today, for an asset you began to build, a habit you formed, a seed you planted.

Right now, at this very moment…you’re just 100 days away from transforming your life…from crushing your goals…getting in great shape…becoming debt free…skyrocketing your sales and income…and converting any goal you want into a breakthrough success in record time.

It’s time to change the way you achieve your goals…and it would be out honor to show you how!

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