Art of Meditation

Art of Meditation

An Introduction to the Art of Meditation

Mediation activities and their daily practice is not a new thing as it also belongs to our ancestors.

People of old times were very well aware of meditation art and its advantages.

Now-a-days, individuals like to include meditation as an indispensable part of their lives to bring an immense distinction in their lifestyle an attitude.

The process of mediation includes numerous postures and steps. Most commonly used postures are:

1. Cross Legged Posture
2. Seated posture
3. Kneeling posture
4. Corpse posture
5. Hand gesture

Meditation plays a vital role in the lives of a lot of people with an aim of cultivating relaxation and internal peace. 

Therefore, it is required to perform any of the meditation activities on daily basis. It will help in the removal of these hindrances in your nervous system.

Yoga practices also enhance your capabilities to cope with stressful situations of your life.

Quietness of your internal nature can only be attained with the aid of proper enlightenment and nourishment.

The meditation CD is a good source, which can offers proper guidance to perform different meditation activities.

Orientation is the most important and vital aspect of all kinds of meditations.

In fact, if you understand the philosophy behind the meditation then you can get maximum benefits out of it.

Meditation is basically a simple process of conscious relaxation.

It is a combination of processes and postures, which involves human brain to achieve state of pleasure and tranquility.

Concentration is the backbone of all meditation techniques. Free you mind of all thoughts and try to get rid of all sorts of distractions to fall in the deep meditation state.

Numerous health specialists revealed that patients of stress and anxiety do not need drugs for curing purposes.

They can easily overcome such problems by bringing into play any of the best suitable meditation technique.

The meditation has been proven as successful cure from years to reduce depression and anxiety. It is also the best solution to prevent you from panic attacks.

Meditation is nothing but an enjoyment of flow of positive energy in your body. So, you can do meditation by just feeling relaxed by lying on floor.

All you need is that your back should be in comfortable mode.

Conventional styles of meditation like prayers are the most excellent ways to bring your brain in an ideally relaxed state.

Now, you can get all inclusive information about meditation, its techniques and performing facts in CD format. You can get these CDs from your nearby market.

However, Meditation CDs are now extensively available on internet.

Just search out the most reliable website offering CDs with absolute information about meditation exercises.

Art of Meditation and Visualization

Today, a wide range of types and techniques of meditation are available to keep people relaxed and stress-free.

A lot of people are now gradually realizing the significance of meditation activities in their daily life.

Even doctors are now going to accept it as a good way for the treatment of certain health disorders such as depression.

Meditation activities are considered an art, which is frequently admired by people. A hell of practice can make you perfect in this art.

You will be considered as a real master of meditation through patience and practice.

You have to become a master of visualization art if you really want to bring perfection in the art of meditation.

Visualization is an art commonly used by more or less every person. However, this art is mostly marked within the children.

Technique of visualization is less used by a person as he grows up. Generally, kids are full of wild visualizations and imaginations.

Though you are ignorant of it but in reality you also utilize visualization art to some extent.

You just need to enhance your ability of visualization to perform meditation successfully.

Mediation very often brings into play the visualization art. Actually, majority of meditation exercises involves visualization inclusively.

Therefore, you must be a master of this particular art before making concentration on any of the complicated meditation activities.

Some people are of the view that visualization art can easily be mastered and it is true to some extent.

In contrast, some individuals need a real struggle to learn this art. Practice is the only thing through which you can master the visualization art.

You should always be ready and determined to allow your imaginations go.

You can perform a very simple exercise to become perfect in visualization art.

All you have to do is just pick any of the objects in your house and place it on a table with no other thing on it.

Now, look at the object with full concentration and make an effort to absorb all particular details and memorize them if feasible.

After this close your eyes and try to imagine the same object in your mind. Now make notice of details you remembered about the object and those you forgot.

Also, notice your feelings about the exercise either you feel enjoyment or get stressed.

Now, pay attention to a new object after clearing the details of the previous one. Repeat the same procedure and again ask same questions to yourself.

Always pay close concentration to all the relevant information about an object.

After completion you realize that there were few gaps while recalling the object’s details, which were filled by your imaginative power.

Visualization art is quite stressful for beginners but they need not to be worried about it as it is considered as normal sign.

These stressful feelings will soon die out and you can perform visualization related exercises with full ease.

So, just keep on doing good practice and do not ever think to leave it just because of few difficulties.

Art of Meditation for Complete Relaxation

In today’s hectic lifestyle, you should not overlook all of its bad effects on your health.

The latest studies about human health reveal that that stress usually results in heart diseases as well as high blood pressure.

You have to think about it because due to nerve-racking lifestyle can easily cause stroke and heart diseases.

Today, these are the most lethal diseases plaguing the society.

This is the reason that you must learn how to take care of yourself and be relaxed.

You should be aware of your body requirements and give it proper rest periodically.

Your body can not cope with extra or prolonged work load for a long time span.

Whenever your body yelled out that it has performed too much work means it is now tired enough and needs rest.

You can refresh your body by providing it 5 minutes of relaxation. Eventually, it will get ready for a new batch of work.

Exercising activities may help you in preventing from heart diseases. But, exclusively it is not enough. Your body need needs proper relaxation time.

In addition, you would not be able to perform your work with efficiency if your body and mind are stressed out.

Your mind functioning is also plagued by stress and you will lost the capacity of thinking clearly. Again you need a full rest.

Moreover, what’s the mater of performing work if person’s brain together with body is not functioning properly?

Now-a-days, various meditation techniques are the most valuable ways to keep your body and mind relaxed. Meditation was also in practice in ancient times.

Recent research on meditation processes revealed that it is indeed the best possible way to reduce stress and give an individual an extra boost of energy he actually needs.

Meditation postures can entirely relax your brain and body to make you alert on the whole.

Meditation processes are fully capable of providing relaxation to your heart as well.

Meditation techniques can absolutely make you feel relaxed and re-energized for more work.

It is also helpful in wiping out all disturbances that result in stress and depression.

Today, a range of various techniques of meditation are available for making life of people easier and healthier.

Buddhist meditation is all in rage form of meditation. Buddhist meditation provides immense forms of human relaxation.

This kind of meditation only needs you to be licked in calm room.

Now you can begin meditation process in this quiet room by sitting down and closing of your eyes.

After this just get rid of all sorts of thoughts running in your mind. Practicing it for few minutes will result in refreshment of your body as well as mind.

Originally meditation was a part of spiritual deeds in the religion of Buddhist. But today, it has been accepted as vital part of western culture.

Majority of people and especially busy ones are now performing meditation processes to make their body and mind peaceful and relaxed.

Meditations schools have been established now for people who want to learn it in a proper way.

Chakras System as Healing Meditation

Awareness, balanced thinking and well being are the results whenever body, spirit and mind works in full harmony.

In actuality, nothing can overcome the sensation of being healthy on all levels. Now-a-days, this can be accomplished by using healing meditation technique.

Healing meditation is performed by the reprogramming of negative human thoughts that result in illness.

This reprogramming converts negative thoughts into the positive desires to achieve good health.

Human perception of different images does not matter in actual. The majority of people see themselves by means of the eyes of their brains.

On the other hand, some can only imagine of the current processes occurring within their body.

Few are capable of accepting the fact that anything they imagine is also happening to them in actual.

In spite of any of these categories a person belongs, he can actively contribute in healing process. This is the most significant thing one can do.

Chakra System is one of the easiest forms of healing meditation. It brings quite profound effects on a person’s health.

The chakras of a patient have core importance in the due course of healing process.

A human body has seven key chakras (Chakra System) and several other less important minor chakras.

These chakras are basically the energy centers or points in which energy flows. In fact, these are energy junctions of a human body.

These centers are energetic links to your spiritual concentration and natural consciousness.

The energetic operations of chakras can heal your body parts, mind, emotions and potentially spirit.

A particular chakra or an essential energy point has a unique character, which corresponds to the distinct part of your body.

These energy centers resembles to the whirlpools of energy where every vortex lie within your body from the spinal cord (energy center) rising toward your head.

Following are some guidelines for using the Chakras System as Healing Meditation:

1. Chakra suggests sitting in straight posture just like other positions of meditation. Place your feet with uncrossed legs flat on floor. Rest your hands on the lap in a way that your palms remain exposed.

2. You can surround yourself with the white or sapphire blue light to activate your chakra system. You can also get assistance of meditation guides or practitioners during the process.

3. Chakra plates are the basic cabinets of chakra center. Each plate has a diameter of 6 inches.

4. You should start with the Root Chakra’s cabinet and remove Plate. Check out if there is any breakage or discoloration. This plate should be of striking bright red color similar to the chakra’s color.

5. Repair the cracks if you can or dispose it otherwise. Introduce a new plate and make it shiny before putting in the cabinet. Carry on the process until all the Chakras come to an end.

Healing meditation through chakra system can bring a good change your condition. However, successful results can be obtained through regular practice.

In this way, you can get true healing by means of Chakra System.

Choose the Right Meditation Pillow

Meditation process allows one to become aware of one’s internal powers and the way of utilizing those strengths to overcome fears and stress.

While meditation only requires a quiet place, there are certain complementary tools that can support the self-realization effort by making your body relaxed and comfortable.

One of such elements is meditation pillow that helps in making a perfect comfy posture for this spiritual process.

These pillows are different than ordinary pillows and are especially designed for meditation and therefore differ in shape and size.

To enhance the consideration process, two types of meditation pillows are available: donut pillow and lumbar pillow both of which belong to orthopedic category and are designed by keeping in mind bone and muscle structures of the body.

Donut shaped pillow has hole in center and is perfect for seating adjustment before meditation.

Lumbar pillow on the other hand supports backbone and provides ease to body.

The selection of the right pillow for this sensitive healing process depends on a number of factors. For example, the place you have selected for meditation.

If you prefer to sit on floor made of hard surface, you must purchase a two-stage pillow for meditation, which is made of dense foam.

To ensure maximum ease, synthetic material is used in the top cover.

It is generally considered good to stay close to nature and is thus recommended to meditate at a place where you are directly in contact with grass.

For meditation in grassy place, you don’t need a hard pillow, tender one is fine.

Before purchasing a pillow for sitting in a grassy area, make sure that it has nylon in its base and has soft materials as filling.

You may need to wash these pillows so check whether it is washable in washing machines or not.

Before making a final decision regarding which pillow to buy, do check the filling stuff of it.

Try it at the shop before you pay the price and check whether you are comfortable with it or not.

You’ll find foam pillows, feather pillows and the ones that are filled with synthetic materials.

The internal stuff must not be too hard or too soft for sitting because both will hinder your attention concentration during the mediation process.

The color and stuff of pillow-cover also matter a lot. No fixed suggestions for the purchase of pillow-cover because it depends on individual taste.

Chose the one with a soothing and calm color, which attracts you as well.

If your selected pillow doesn’t harmonize with your meditation place or with your size and weight, you will experience discomfort and unease which will ruin the purpose of this spiritual healing process.

Slipping toward the floor, bent backbone or backbone ache are the signs of an inappropriate pillow.

A great number of firms manufacture meditation pillows. Browse various websites and you’ll find a variety of these pillows with different colors and fillings.

Select the one that best suits your needs and provides you comfort and proper backbone support.

Apt tools can help you concentrate better on your thoughts leading you to self-control and self-awareness.

Control yourself through Meditation

In hustle and bustle of life, our mind and body exhaust and resign to daily pressure and stress we face.

Physical illnesses may be treated with medicines but soul, which controls our morale, motivation and happiness, cannot be cured with scientific measures.

To evaluate your emotions and bring harmony to feelings, you must practice meditation along with other tasks of your life.

It relaxes your nerves and muscles and brings peace to your inner structure, which allows greater efficiency in other activities.

Although it’s an intangible mechanism, sill there is some themes that are followed for each distinct technique of meditation.

It starts with understanding your own self, the pattern of nature and how both work coherently to bring peace.

So instead of beginning the meditation practices randomly, read about the philosophy and underlying rules of that particular activity.

Once you start believing in unseen structures, you get to step closer to the higher purpose of life.

This allows you to stay composed regardless of present condition of your life.

Meditation enhances control over feelings and allows you to utilize them for your greater benefit.

The moment you become aware of your inner personality traits, you can behave in a more optimistic and constructive manner thus nurturing your social relationships.

When your mind becomes healthy, it casts positive impacts on your body and you feel active and competent than before.

God has created this universe maintaining a perfect balance in everything. All natural elements have energy in them that keeps them functional.

A human body also has energy reservoirs but we consume a large amount in carrying out our daily activities.

Moreover our speedy life spoils our peace of mind hinders us from understanding the spiritual details of our own self.

The meditation process requires that you focus your energy and attention to one place and then use it as your power to overshadow your fears and disruption.

The division of your mental capability renders disruption and personality disorders followed by pessimistic thoughts that ruin your career.

The tenure of meditation process depends on the nature of spiritual ailment.

It can help you control your blood pressure and lessen your anxiety.

You can also cure your immune system, which also help you to maintain resistance against drugs and other addictions.

Through this self-evaluation process you can quantify your intangible feelings and get aware of the root cause of any disorder.

Diagnosis then gives way to healing and cure the soul that ultimately strengthens your personality.

By getting aware of your inner powers and how these can contribute to the well-being of the society, you are in a better position to achieve your goals.

In ups and downs of life you often come across such situations where you lose hope or temper and are inclined toward bad ways.

At these crucial moments, it is imperative that you are clear about your vision of life and can cope with emotional disasters in a more rational manner.

Meditation teaches you how to grow poise and calm in your mind to counter-attack such optimistic in life.

Empower Your Child with Anapana Meditation

T.V, newspaper, internet, social contacts, magazines and a long list of channels that bombard your child with information and cast certain impacts on him/her.

Your children have to show great performance in studies, become best player in sports and maintain their social activities as well; all these demanding factors in life produce agitation and frustration in your child.

To protect your child from any posed mental stress, consider the meditation techniques that can bring harmony and peace in his personality.

If you are concerned with the age of your child and think that he is too young for meditation, read about the meditation courses that are specially designed for children.

For a normal healthy child who only has depression issue, it might not be advisable to give him medicines to cope with stress.

Meditation, on the other hand, doesn’t have any side effects to body or mind. Consult your doctor and discuss the spiritual healing process for your kid.

Of course he is too young to handle the meditation problem on his own; you must seek a healing center or an institution that offers courses for children.

Generally meditation courses for children do not last longer than a day because kids may not be willing to follow the process consistently.

After the first session your child will show clear symptoms of positivity and empowered personality and you can bring him to the center for another session with his own consent.

Internet has made it easy to find a list of meditation centers in your city.

You just read the description of their courses, locality and dues and decide which organization you’ll prefer for your child.

Ask your friends and acquaintances to recommend a center for your kid.

Don’t underestimate the power of meditation as it can be the deciding factor in the successful career of your kid.

This self-realization process enables him to use his abilities and talent in a better way and teaches him to overcome his negative thoughts.

A rather simple and widely used technique of meditation is Anapana meditation, which guides your kid to observe his thoughts by using his mental focus.

This method is easy to learn and practice, and allows your kid to purify his mind.

Anapana leads to Vipassana practice that involves the spiritual healing through controlled respiration and requires observation of inhaling and exhaling processes.

Through this procedure your child will learn to grow poise and composure in him.

By getting aware of the clear distinction between positive and negative thoughts, he will develop a strong moral structure.

Don’t think you’re imposing this meditation technique on your child; he himself will be greatly pleased to notice this change in his life.

With the ability to control emotions, your son or daughter can contribute to this society in a more positive way.

They’ll be contented because they know how to handle their fears and anxieties and will not allow negative emotions to overshadow their performance.

You can accompany your child throughout this meditation process and make sure that he follows the instructions properly to fully reap the benefits of meditation in his life.

Eradicate Your Troubles through Deep Meditation Music

Different meditation techniques are available for different situations. Moreover, you can choose any form of meditation according to your frame of mind.

You can go for deep meditation music if you are fond of music. In fact, a human being is comparable to musical instruments.

The reason behind is the human quality of singing, whistling, humming and making of many other expressive sounds.

Every individual has a unique experience regarding music, which can be illustrated by words like in tune, healing, in trance, harmony, stimulate, flow and uplift etc.

An unusual change appears inside a person’s system when he expresses himself through these musical sounds.

The life of a person is full of several distractions such as boredom of work, social melodrama, noise pollution and stress of every day commute etc.

Today, people are suffering from dilemma of continuous stress and desperately want to get rid of it.

This is due to the present day rapid life style accompanied by lots of new technological developments.

This results in the overloading of your mind and ultimately you will become incapable of focusing on your work.

In due course your will be effected and sometimes blocked, which takes you to the world of hopelessness.

However, you need not to be much worried about this fatigue. Now, you can deal with such a terrible situation with the help of deep meditation music.

Now, from where you can get such kind of music to bring ease in your life.

This problem can easily be solved by asking a person who knows about music meditation.

You can also search for websites offering a range of programs on deep meditation music.

You can fulfill a range of your needs just by getting appropriate music meditation programs from these sites.

Human brain forms fresh neural passageways as a result of deep music meditation.

Consequently, the maximum potential of human brain boosts up in quite a short time interval. Customary meditation acts usually require long time spans.

However, deep meditation music results in stress reductions, inner peace and increased intelligence in very less time.

Deep meditation music brings a lot of benefits for individuals from all walks of life.

Deep meditation music is one of the forms of therapies to cope with certain problems.

For example, specialists’ advice people to go for deep meditation music who are suffering from anxiety-related illnesses.

Most of the people are utilizing this effective technique of meditation and enjoying the healthy results.

Personal growth can also be achieved through deep meditation music.

So, try deep meditation music practice if you are feeling extreme depression or stress. You will be no more unfocused and bored of your hectic life style.

Today, our society and numerous doctors have accepted this meditation related therapy and now suggesting it to other people.

Deep music meditation brings the best results where you medications fail to get you out of your problems like anxiety, depression and stress etc.

This is a best form of meditation not only relaxes your mind but you soul as well.