Create Your Own Success

Success or Doubt

Create Success Based on Your Personal Preferences

Success is something that anyone can achieve but people who have a sense of direction before they get started have an easier time of it and tend to have a stronger motivation.

If you can understand what it is that appeals to you, it can help you to set the smaller goals that will result in reaching your end goal.

Figure Out Your Preferences Before You Pursue Success

When you first decide that you want to do something, it’s going to be shiny and new and you’re going to be excited about it. But the road to success is paved with people who’ve attempted success and ended up hating what they got.

That’s because they didn’t take the time to know what they liked. So before you go after success, take a pause and figure out what your preferences are. You won’t know what you like until you’re actually doing it.

It can be easy to be so excited about the end result or whatever it is that you’re passionate about that you don’t take the time to see if it’s really something that fits you. Only when you’re in the thick of action will you realize you’re in the right or the wrong place for you.

Going after something you’re passionate about can sometimes change. It could be something that you like and enjoy but not something you’ll ultimately end up wanting to do long term.

For example, you might decide that your journey is one of self-discovery and your goal is to figure out who you are and what you want out of life. So you decide on a minimal lifestyle and hit the road to travel.

After a few weeks of that, you discover you don’t really care for that lifestyle. By figuring out what your preferences are beforehand, you can save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort.

You’ll want to decide if you prefer to live a certain way or to be on a certain path in your life before you commit to following after that train of success. It can easy to get caught between a choice that makes you feel good and fulfills you and one that you do simply because you feel like you’re supposed to.

To figure out your preferences, you need to think about the kind of life that you would enjoy. Then you see where your success fits into that. What this does for you is it allows you to be flexible enough to alter your goals or redefine what kind of success you’re truly looking forward to.

Plus, when you figure out your preferences, it helps to keep you more focused on what you want from your journey to success. It lets you fully recognize and appreciate the opportunities that come your way that feed into your goal.

Knowing your preferences lets you to be able to quickly identify when something is off kilter as you’re moving forward. You’ll be able to recognize when something isn’t lining up with how you’re defining your success.

Figuring your preferences will also help you to realize what you’re willing to let go of or change and what will turn out to be a deal breaker on your journey.

Pursue Success on Your Preferred Schedule

There isn’t one schedule for success any more than there’s one path to success. Unfortunately, society has conditioned people to believe that in order to be a success you have to follow the same script for life as everyone else.

You have to get up early and work late if you want to be the one who grabs the brass ring. That couldn’t be less true. You don’t have to get up early in the morning to pursue success.

That schedule doesn’t work for everyone. You might be someone who just can’t get his creativity or thought processes running in high gear first thing in the morning. You might be someone who gets a burst of energy and becomes more alert after the sun goes down.

Though you may have heard or been told that it’s not the right way to do things, it actually is if it’s right for you. That’s all you have to do is follow the schedule that works for you.

For example, some people can’t go to college in person. They have to attend online. They can’t go to school four years in a row so they have to spread it out over several years.

They can only do their coursework in the middle of the night. That’s okay. That’s their normal and the end result is still the same. You shouldn’t care what anyone thinks about the schedule that you keep as you pursue success.

Forget what tradition says is right or wrong and set the stage for success by following the schedule that helps you to get where you want to be. Some people like to get started early.

They’re up with the sun and that’s okay, too. Others don’t even think about work until everyone else is ending their day. You might be someone who prefers to take each step toward success slow.

You like to look at all the angles. Maybe more than once before you take action. That’s okay, too. Or you might be someone who prefers a schedule toward success where they think the faster that they work, the better.

They like to get things done as rapidly as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that. You might be someone who likes to work at something until it’s completed so you put in a lot of long hours without stopping.

You keep on task until you finish it, can put it aside and start on the next item. Instead of working long hours without stopping, you might be someone who prefers to take a lot of breaks.

You find that when you’re taking a break, you’re recharging your creativity, your energy and when you get back to work, you feel ready to go again. Whether you work days or nights, long hours or short, whether you’re a fast or slow worker, just go for it.

Stick to whatever schedule suits you. Success is reachable by the method that works out the best for you. So pick the journey to success that allows you to feel the most productive.

Do You Work Best Alone or with Others?

You can create success all on your own or you can choose to work with a team of people in order to make that happen. It’s based on how you prefer to handle the journey that you’re on.

There are many people who prefer to go everything alone. They want to think things through by themselves, learn to go around obstacles alone and reach the end goal having used nothing but their own determination and talent.

They want their entire venture to be a solo project. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s simply the way that some people are wired. Some people who are walking a success journey don’t want to go solo at all.

They would prefer to have others along for the ride. They want to be able to bounce ideas off of someone else. They want to know that they have assistance from others who are invested in the journey’s goal of reaching success.

Some people need that teamwork to move forward. They feel more comfortable when they know that someone else is just as into the journey and will have their back whatever comes their way.

They like having someone they can turn to when things get hard and they like having someone that they can celebrate the victories with. Having a team means that there may be someone there that you can delegate responsibilities to.

You won’t have to carry the entire burden of the journey all on your own. Some people feel that this takes some of the pressure off. What’s good about having a team is it means that you’ll have more support.

There’s strength in numbers. You may have someone see the solution to a problem that you just can’t see. A team of other people can help you to reach your goals faster and sometimes better.

Sometimes team members can help you stay positive when things get rough. That’s what’s good about working with a team. But the flip side of utilizing the team effort is that sometimes a team can undermine success.

If you have a member or two of the team and they’re supposed to handle something, but they don’t, you’re the one who ends up short-changed. It’ll cost you wasted time and slow your progress toward success.

Sometimes a team member or two may not be as fully committed to success as you are. Or they may not have the same can-do attitude. There’s a third option that’s a balance between going it solo and having a team of other people involved on your journey.

That option is outsourcing. This means that you’re still on the solo path but that at times you’ll enlist the help of other people who can do a job or handle a task but they’re not working alongside you.

You’re still the one at the helm. If you do outsource, you’ll want to be sure that you outsource to someone you trust will be as committed to the goal as you are. You want someone who can deliver on a promise on time.

Common Examples of Personal Preferences That Can Impact Your Success

How you journey onward toward success will be determined by what your personal preferences are. One example of a personal preference that can impact your success if whether or not you prefer to be completely in control of everything or if you’re flexible.

Being flexible means that you’re open to seeking help or advice from others if you need to. If what you’re doing isn’t working or you encounter a problem, you can go with the flow if your preference is to be flexible.

You’ll find a way around it and you won’t end up feeling worried about the detour or the object in the way. Besides having preferences about what kind of schedule that you keep and whether or not you work solo or with a team, there are other personal preferences that can help you or it can hinder your success.

One of these might be the level of structure on your journey. You can have a plan to follow step by step or one that’s loosely made of ideas. You can be someone who needs to know what to do every single day moving forward or you may be someone who prefers to have more leeway on what actions you take.

Another personal preference that can impact your success is the location where you’re going to be working. For some people, they can handle doing whatever needs to get done right from the comfort of their own couch.

They know they can block out any distractions and stay on point to get the tasks completed. They have the personality to minimize disruptions and know how to set boundaries when it comes to those disruptions.

Other people can’t stand the thought of being stuck inside. They need to be out of the house or out of the office. They need fresh air and the outdoors in order to feel productive or get stuff done.

Being outside in nature helps to relax them and they prefer to work from a place such as park. Your personal preference might be to work from an office. You need to have a place that you go to every day that’s set aside just for working on your success.

Your personal preferences for your environment can impact success to. You might be someone who has to have complete silence or someone who needs music. You might be someone who needs instrumental music or white noise.

Or you might be someone who needs to hear the sounds of the neighborhood around you such as kids playing, dogs barking and cars passing by. One personal preference has to do with the amount of pressure that’s going to come with your journey to success.

There will always be pressure but the amount that you have or allow is up to you. You may be someone who prefers pressure. You work well when you’re under pressure or you might be someone who freezes when you feel pressure.

You prefer not to have any at all and just work on what you need to do in a more carefree style. It could be that someone else puts pressure on you and you prefer that. You need to feel accountable to someone because it helps you to get stuff done.

Some people work extremely well under pressure while some get stymied under it. What kind of learning style you like can also be a personal preference that impacts your success.

Some people prefer to learn information through reading it. Others need to see video or hear audio. None of the personal preferences you have are wrong. They’re simply the ones that work best for you.

Be Careful Not to Let Your Personal Preferences Interfere with Your Success

Having personal preferences is a good thing but you do have to watch out that your preferences aren’t so set in stone that they interfere with your success. If you’re someone who’s rigid in your personal preferences, you can end up taking the slow road to success or not getting there at all.

If you’re not careful, you can allow your preferences to override decisions or options that would be the better for your success journey than your preferences are. You don’t want your preferences to get in the way of making a savvy move.

There are some ways that you can tell if your personal preferences are too rigid. If  you have the mindset that something has to be a certain way or it’s the highway, that’s a good clue that you’re not as flexible as you need to be.

It’s okay to have personal preferences but they should enhance your road to success not end up creating roadblocks for you. If you dismiss something out of hand for no reason other than you just don’t like it, then you need to take a second look and take time to think a little more objectively about it.

When you’re making decisions that impact your success and you’re willing to forego a move because it’s not in line with your personal preference, you need to pause and do a pro and con list for both ways.

Always choose the move that’s objective and will best help you to succeed. Don’t be resistant to listen to input when your personal preference is against something that you think could be a good success move.

Keep in mind that trusting your instincts is okay but don’t be quick to dismiss a contrary opinion about a direction that could be helpful for the success you’re wanting to achieve.

There are many ways to reach your success and you’ll discover that others have used some similar planning and strategies before.

There are always going to be tried and true steps toward success. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t trust your instincts and make a move that steps outside the bounds of what tradition says is a smart move.

When you do fly in the face of what’s traditionally seen as a successful move, just make sure that you have a solid reason for doing so and that you’ve backed it up with a good strategy.

If you’re going to outsource anything that you need done to get to success, make sure that you’re not so intent on having your personal preference that you overlook the fact that an expert in the field may be telling you that it’s a bad idea.

Understand your preferences and stick to them but only if they’re what’s best for success. Otherwise, be willing to bend and let other ideas take the lead.