The Importance of Yoga

The Importance of Yoga

3 Main Goals of Yoga

Yoga and health are integrally related. It is universally acknowledged that yoga helps in boosting your overall health and physique.  

Yoga strengthens your inner core and mind as well.

In essence, yoga has three main goals.

These are wellness of being, the ability to sit undisturbed in meditaiton and the awakening of Kundalini energy to asertain enlightenment.

Yoga makes you fitter and abler, frees you of stress, heals you and enables you to sleep better. Second, yoga helps you to look beyond your immediate emotions.

In doing so, your body learns to be subservient to the spirit. You master the art of looking beyond the body to attain a higher state of being.

Third, yoga unlocks Kundalini energy that is instrumental in your spiritual evolution.

This requires a great deal of dedication and patience but is an important purpose of yoga.

important goals of yoga

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The Importance of Yoga

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Transcript for The Importance of Yoga:

Namaste my friends!

A very interesting topic we are going to discuss today, the three real goals of yoga.

We hear a lot about yoga these days and there’s a great deal that yoga offers you, but let’s deep dive into what are the three primary goals of yoga practice.

So, number one, as all the research has been suggesting and will continue to suggest yoga is excellent for your health and wellness.

So, certainly you can practice yoga to become more fit. You can practice yoga to become more limber.

You can practice yoga as a healing science, you can practice yoga to de-stress, you can practice yoga to sleep better and all of these various benefits of yoga essentially can be categorized under health and wellness.

It can also make you stronger. It can make you fitter, it can help all your internal system, your respiratory system, digestive system, elimination system.

So, there is a great many benefits of yoga when it comes to our physical and mental state and certainly it is a practice that is proven to be very beneficial for all these various physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

Second purpose of yoga which the meditators, rishis realize is that it makes the body transparent when you meditate.

So, when you’re meditating, you are looking to go beyond the body.

You’re looking to go beyond the emotions, you’re looking to go beyond the mind to what lies beyond, beyond.

And the first step in that is to have mastery over the physical body so it does not distract you from this journey to the very, very highest state.

So, the body becomes transparent, it starts interfering in your meditation practice. It takes its role as subordinate to spirit through the practice of yogic discipline.

So, when you’re sitting in meditation initially, the body will resist a great deal.

There’ll be pent-up pitch here, a pent-up pitch there, there will be aches and pains, the body will keep drawing your attention back in. It’s used to that.

It’s used to being the centre of attention. It’s used to being the master, now it’s being told to be subservient.

It’s going to be utilized as a tool, which is what it was meant to be in the first place and it has been told that now you are not to interfere when the higher practice in meditation is taking place and you are to be crescent and transparent and yoga facilitates this transparent body.

And third, which is a much more complicated aspect of yoga, which frankly not many people understand to a very high degree is how to awaken Kundalini energy through yogic techniques and practices.

That requires a great deal of dedication, a great deal of devotion, a great deal of study, and a very large commitment of time and something you have to be quickly passionate about in order to work on your chakra systems, know how to balance and heal those chakras, open them up, and then to have the flow of Kundalini up and down the central channel of Sushumna.

That is a higher goal of yoga, which is utilizing the physical. It’s utilizing Kundalini energy to then attain enlightenment or Samadhi.

So, they are the three real goals of yoga for you.

Health and wellness, transparency and the body becoming the subservient to the spirit and third, utilization of yoga for activating Kundalini Shakti and having it rise up through the Sushumna through the Crown Chakra for enlightenment.

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Thank you everybody. God bless you all.


Health and yoga go hand in hand.

Yoga strengthens your body and make you a fitter person, teaches your mind to have complete control of the body and brings Kundalini energy to the fore, which helps in attaining enlightenment.

Therefore, the health benefits of yoga are profound. They contribute to your overall well-being in the long run.

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